Thank you for visiting my Website. Tom Morris (TM)

I have been an Off Road enthusiast all my life. Started racing my Hodaka 100 in the late 60's. Worked at Cycle Products West in my teens porting cylinders and modifying suspension on all sorts of motorcycles. My father was a design engineer for the automotive and aerospace industry and he gave me some really great support with my hobbies. He always said to do what you enjoy to do for a living - it makes working fun!

In the mid 70's I worked as a Crew Chief, Designer and Driver for United Industries (Steve Kelley) I built and maintained a Class 8 race Truck for Score Off Road Races. Later we teamed up with Pacific Clark Aiken (PCA) and also entered every Mickey Thompson Off Road race at Riverside, CA.

In the early 80's I teamed up with Precision Preparation Inc. (PPI) Cal Wells and Toyota to engineer and build state of the art off road race trucks for such names as Ivan Stewart, Robby Gordon, Michael Nesmith, Ted Nugent, Jeff McPherson, Rod and Steve Millen, Cal Wells Sr. and more.

Later moving over to Wide Open Baja to run their engineering and race prep facility.

Today, I am a freelance engineer and enjoying life with good friends and still enjoying my weekends on my dirt bike in the desert.
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